casual shoes for men that suits your personality !!

casual shoes for men to Wear with Your Style of Jeans.

casual shoes for men/formal shoes I’ve mixed a list of shoe that goes/match well with various styles of jeans or trouser.

If you’re looking for a dressier look or heading towards an upscale place, you might want to wear shoes that are at the bottom of the list as they are more formal.

You can get rid with wearing the wrong jeans or pants but you can never get away with wearing the wrong shoes.

A simple guide to which shoe styles would go well with which type of jeans for the casual weekend evening.

Do take note that this is just a guide and not a rulebook. When in doubt, you can hardly go wrong with these shoes as they are a safe option.

casual shoes for men find what works for you and stick to them.

mens casual designer shoes
mens casual designer shoes

Style shoes? Don’t You Mean Fashion?

casual shoes for men should be chosen appropriately for the situation. Wearing running shoes to a first date or your unpolished beat-up “dress shoes” to a serious job interview? I totally agree that it should be you that your date or employer is evaluating and not what you wear, but expect to be taken as seriously as you take your appearance. To me, it goes beyond the superficial: What you wear is an element of your personal taste. The choices you make about your appearance reflect how you value (or don’t) the occasion at hand.

dress shoes with jeans
dress shoes with jeans

pro tips-casual shoes for men.

1.) A pair of tanned suede bucks is very versatile and trendy fashion for men in terms of casual outfits for men.

It wears well with almost any type of jeans or chinos, cuffed or not and it gives a very modern chic look.

On the other hand, there is the perennial question of whether casual shoes for men/formal shoes? In short, yes, they do but it depends.

2.) Dress/formal shoes like oxfords, Derbys, and monk strap go pretty well with a nice fitting dark wash pair of jeans for the classy “dressier” look.

casual shoes for men

casual shoes for men

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