Fashion Is Important For Good Lifestyle.

 Fashion Is Important

 Fashion is important part of  our society,for culture and fashion is basically global.The meaning of fashion is different from people to people,for some fashion is clothing,new designer suits etc and for some its way of Lifestyle,fooding etc.

Earlier, what weared by people is in control of Government.According to our History there has been plenty of rules or we say laws is profound in what to wear.In Western Europe such laws are applicable to prevent middle class to dressed like some royality.        1. fashion is important in life.

 Fashion Is Important for todays life.In this advance society there is first impression is your looks if your looks is not appealing then some negative aspects will throughout.In maximum Companies(especially IT or Private Sector) why formal looks is cumpulsory?Is this question arised in your mind,Yes!formally dressing reflects your image its true, but also it represnt the organisation where you work .You must always follow proper dresscode of your organisation. . Who does not know how to carry  no on want to entertain/speak to himself/herself . Going to work in formals gives you differnt Persona of yours.and accurate dressing gives you differnet from other and be a role models for others. Corporate dressing gives you a magneta fantiso personality which inbounds others and this quality boost you in another positive level. You need to have that charisma and dressing formally helps you in the same.It also provides you a Good worrking enviornment for work.

I hope I can share some of my positivity with you, as I share my journey of fashion including my ever fluctuating waistline. Over the years my style has evolved and it has only happened cause I made peace with myself over the things people say. Fashion is for everyone. Style cannot be taught, It is as unique as you.

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