What is In My Makeup Bag Don’t Try To Guess It.

  Bag in which your small life is situated that is your ”MAKEUP BOX” instead lets focus on the good ish Lets everyone move past the fact there is definitely lipstick on my teeth in this picture. It’s happened to us all, the side affect of the glossy glossies forbidden love affair with our mouth spears. Always trying to be together, always having the signs of their romance carelessly wiped away.


  • Too Faced  Sweet Peach Palette: This palette has  golden neutral hues a girl could dream of with a few sassy plums, peaches, and smokey shades thrown in. It’s my go to jam- peach jam of course.

Amongest other brush cleaner’s.I have advanced brush makeup cleaner wipe,basically from persia in my makeupbag.

  • Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer in Rich: When I don’t want a super dramatic eye, but still want definition I use this liner. I got it in amakeup bag once, loved it and now its part of my routine.

  • New LANEIGE Silk Intense Lipsticks in my makeup bag.

  • The new lipsticks come in sleek white and silver magnetized tubes that are more sturdy and grown-up looking than the original LANEIGE has updated their Silk Intense Lipstick range recently with revamped formula, packaging and shades.
  • Compared with original Sil kdynamic intense  Lipsticks, the new formula is similar in intensity and coverage and maintain thesimilar light weight creme demise texture. However, I find the new rational “slippery” feeling and easier to make up. The shades also contain ultra-micronized pigments so they go on more evenly and can be built for opaque coverage or worn sheer without looking patchy.
  • LANEIGE lavishing in my bag

You’re much braver than us! I think we’ve only tried the lip-gloss-as-blush trick in a pinch. Experimental or not, what are some of your must-have products? What can you absolutely not live without?

A dashing makeup bag with all important items belongs to your face.and may be top class french or russian products with vital range.

Affordable Makeup Kit bag and Tips For Beginners.

175 ml pineapple enzyme mask in my bag
source :http://pin.it/HQcY_23

A makeup starter kit guide would have helped me so much back then, and would have kept me from wasting my money on a foundation that was way too dark (and way too dewy), a clumpy waterproof mascara, and chalky eyeshadows.Here are my affordable product which is always in my makeup box kit all these product are special for me– they’re high quality, easy to use, and won’t break the bank.

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